A Career in International Development

Sefla Fuhrman

March 10, 2023

international developments

If you’re interested in working to help developing countries grow and thrive, a career in international development may be the right choice for you. The field covers many topics, from helping to eliminate poverty and improve global health to supporting justice and limiting violent extremism.

A career in international development can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It requires a passion for helping people and the drive to impact the world positively.

What is International Development?

International development is a field dedicated to improving the living conditions of people around the world. It focuses on long-term solutions to problems like poverty, poor health care and sanitation, human rights violations, and inequalities.

A career in international development requires knowledge across a variety of disciplines. It also requires service-oriented individuals ready to advocate for the communities in which they work.

While there is much progress in developing countries, there are still significant challenges and concerns that need to be addressed. This is where a degree in international development can make a real impact.

The field of international development is run by a global network of multilateral and bilateral organizations, as well as government donors and NGOs. These organizations provide research, assistance, policy advice, and financing to developing countries.

Careers in International Development

There are several different careers available in international development. These include working in governmental organizations, international agencies, and research/academic institutes.

Typically, employers prefer to hire graduates with specific skills or expertise in a particular development area. Examples are academic researchers, policy advisors, development consultants, and project managers.

Careers in this field are often based overseas and can be challenging. However, the rewards can be incredible, and it’s a great way to help people worldwide.

Advocacy is a vital part of the field and is used to create long-term and systemic change by campaigning for broad political and social improvements. Many NGOs employ development studies graduates to work in this area.

How to Get a Job in International Development

A career in international development involves working to reduce poverty and boost prosperity. This can involve various activities, from emergency disaster response and small-scale microfinance initiatives to large infrastructure projects with governments.

You must have relevant qualifications, experience, and skills to get a job in international development. These can vary, including degrees in international development, social sciences, or various subjects.

Several pieces of training can be completed online and in person, which can be helpful for anyone starting in international development. This will allow you to gain additional knowledge of the sector and will help you stand out in the recruitment process.

Getting a job in international development can be challenging and competitive, especially at the start of your career. However, if you stay determined and watch the prize, you can succeed in this field.

Getting a Job in International Development

A career in international development can be an enlightening and fulfilling experience. It requires strong ethics, empathy, and comprehensive knowledge of the issues involved in the development process.

Many people pursuing careers in international development are passionate about reducing poverty and promoting social justice. However, a sense of passion is insufficient to enter this field, and the job often takes years to develop.

Significant technical work is required in the international development sector, such as proposal writing and budgeting. Investing in these skills and building them through volunteering or part-time job will show employers that you can handle the challenges of working in the international development field.

International development is an integral part of the charity and not-for-profit sector, and plenty of jobs exist in this area. It is also a very competitive sector, so you should be prepared to put in the effort to gain valuable experience and a master’s degree if you wish to build your career in this field.